Kären Love Blumenthal


Collections and Exhibitions

Collections and Exhibitions

Collections and Exhibitions

Kären’s work is in private and corporate collections including the SunTrust Bank and Days Inn and numerous private collections in Florida, Pennsylvania, and Colorado. Early in her career, she exhibited at Fordham University, Lincoln Center, New York; Rollins College; the Paint Locker Gallery in Vero Beach and other venues. In 2018-19, she shared a studio at the McRae Art Studios in Orlando and now has a private studio in Winter Park, FL. . Kären also studied painting at Rollins College and graduated magna cum laude with a B.A. in English Literature.


In the Studio

Collections and Exhibitions

Collections and Exhibitions

"I love to think of myself as a colorist. It seems to me that color connects the spiritual and the material in some mysterious and wonderful way and is far more profound and important to the soul than we mortals comprehend.  Having married an art historian, I've spent much of my life gazing at the world's great art and noting the artist's deep relationships with color and form. Like those artists, I seek, through gesture and paint, to interpret the radiance and light and incredible mystery behind the ordinary days of our lives."



Collections and Exhibitions


Many of Kären's works are abstract homages to the Neapolitan 18th-century Golden Age master colorist, Francesco de Mura, whom she has studied extensively, having served as a researcher for ten years for the exhibition "In the Light of Naples: The Art of Francesco de Mura." Kären is also inspired by Japanese artist Makoto Fujimura's canvases with glints of gold, the 1950s French Tachisme painters, and Helen Frankenthaler's massive stained canvases. (Above: De Mura's "Charity" from the Castelluccio collection). 

20" x 30"
French ink on 300 lb. Arches watercolor paper.
Archival framing

Florida Coral

This work is from my 2019 Florida series depicting the unseen radiance 

and colors beneath the Atlantic Ocean.

22" x 30"

French ink on 300 lb. Arches watercolor paper

Archival  framing

collector friends

Karen and Federico are fellow artists

FEDERICO CASTELLUCCIO, "Sopranos" Actor/Artist/Collector

"Kären's paintings are so beautiful! She is immensely talented and what a perfect way to express her inspiration and homage to the great Italian painters of the 18th century."



"Coupled with her love of Italian Old Master colors, I see a strong postwar influence in Kären's paintings. She is a superb colorist with a confident, whimsical, lyrical and unusual interpretation of life. After a hiatus from painting, we are thrilled she has picked up her brushes again and is back in the studio."



"Kären's paintings are a spinning kaleidoscope of emotion. Most paintings coerce us to learn about the artist but Kären's paintings lead me to learn about myself," says Mark.  Kathryn adds:
"I love the color in Kären's art---so vibrant! The paintings make me feel good and  brighten any overcast winter day!"


Loving Art Studios

Winter Park, FL


Fine Arts 807 Gallery

Ivanhoe District

Orlando, FL




"Homage to Francesco de Mura" 10" x 14" Ink and acrylic on film